Monday, March 14, 2005

saucy puppet play

was just a joke. I mean, we were calling it that as a reference to Futurama, but apparently word got back to the guys doing the play and they changed whatever they had planned to make it as saucy as possible so that the three americans in attendance wouldn't be disappointed. Either that or it was this saucy to begin with; I admit the possibility of the plays sauciness existing separate from us.

Domovní Requiem (pictures 1, 2, 3)

It may have been the oddest thing I've ever seen. As near as I can tell (it were czech) it was somewhere between a morality play, a jan svankmejr film, and a punch and judy show. The puppets spent the first half of the play committing terribly sins in as slapstick a manner as possible (see inflatable breasts) including phone and actual sex and various kinds of robbery and abuse. And a guy kills one of his performing rats with a syringe.

The second half of the play is all about everybody getting served. I'm going to go ahead and ruin it for you, so if you plan on ever getting a chance to see it (it apparently tours around Czechland, but if you're out the country, which you most likely are, you probably won't see it) then skip a bit. I'll tell you when it's safe. So the violent couple who have a tv get beaten to death by the TV character with a freaky disturbing tongue. The man with the rats? He tries to grind his rats up into sausage, and the rats revolt and grind him. The woman who makes with the phone sex? She gets eaten by her phone. At least it pulls her head off. Then it puts it back on. Then it pulls it off again. Then it puts it back on. Then it pulls it off again. You get the idea. The guy who she was having the sex with? Well, he gets attacked by the phone, and then hauled down to hell by the demon inside his car's engine. I'm not making this up.

And there's an angel that floats around every once in a while while some eerie music plays that I wish I owned. It shows up when someone's about to die as if it will intervene, then looks at what's happening and buggers off. Death, we think, is what the angel was.


The temptation is great to say everything about that play again just to screw with people who actually scrolled down so they wouldn't have it ruined. I shall resist.

Had a gyro. these things are awesome. without them life would be rough here in Czechville. And it's warming up, so in a matter of days I may be able to closet my hideous and functional coat once and for all.

MUSIC: they might be giants: i should be allowed to think (thanks, cara)

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