Monday, March 07, 2005

look at all those damn links!

Cara is officially amongst the cats and kittens now, and I am accepting applications/bribes currently if anyone else would like to join the illustrious ranks.

It occurs to me that my links in that other section, stuff and nonsense, might not all be terribly self-explanatory, so I'll do my best to save you the trouble of having to click on all of them and then figure out what in hell is going on (I'm looking at you, sheepish). Here you go:

something awful is
hangin' out with the dream king is Neil Gaiman's website. He's the dream king.
dave mckean is self-explanatory (but so is something awful, inninit?)
Bach Man is Crooked Fingers (eric bachman. ha ha)
Hack Man is Gene Hackman
Feld Man is Corey. That's right, I was willing to put a Corey Feldman link up to perpetuate my redundant superhero name joke.
McSweeney's is Dave Eggers et al.
"do a backflip it's bob and david!" is Bob Odenkirk and David Cross
next sunday AD is MST3K
get pumpled is Real Ultimate Power, the best ninja website ever
bad candy is full of reviews of some of the worst candy available
the onion
the next 2 are pretty obvious, though why they exist is less so
No, not the links, I mean the websites and, in at least one case, the person involved.
miles not minutes away is Jet By Day. They played a condemned elementary school gym in Asheville.
sheepish. um... just click on a sheep. it's either a blog or a weird photo/design essay.
don hertzfeldt, the man who gave us Rejected. read the comics
slave labor=Jhonen Vasquez
my profile picture just won't work so here's a low-quality picture of me. BEWARE
buy me a present takes you to my amazon wishlist. buy me a present.

and if that seemed like a waste of time, welcome to my life. And while I'm obliquely apologizing for wasting your time with this list, let me also apologize for being so bossy lately with my blogging. I noticed that I told you, one of my seven readers, to buy an album, see a movie, and diagram a sentence in the last few days. Sorry about that, I'll try and keep that in check.

MUSIC: Oh my god, Puddle of Mudd? What in Hell

*furiously skips*

thank god

elliott smith: bled white

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