Thursday, March 10, 2005

curses upon this contraption

I just typed out a pretty lengthy entry here. I said that Traci is the winner, hands down, in that little 'guess the song' thing. If you want to know what songs the lines are from (and I know you do), just scroll down and check out the edited post.

The only one not guessed is "even if you held the sun it would cover up your eyes" which is misquoted because I couldn't find anything to cross-check my understanding of the lyric against. The real lyric (which would still be my favorite from the song) is "even if you held the sun in the color of your eyes" So guess that one before Traci and you won't be blown out of the water entirely. Traci, go for the sweep.

Andrew and I had the odd sensation of having trains, cars, and trucks all drive over our heads today. Here's a website that I think is funny.

I know this is a disjointed and crazy post, but it was better before it didn't post a moment ago.

curses upon this contraption.

MUSIC: grandaddy: a.m. 180

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