Friday, March 04, 2005

go out right now and buy

Frank Black Francis by Frank Black. listen to his stripped down gorgeous version of Velouria and then tell me you shouldn't have taken my advice. I'll call you a liar, and I'll be right, because it is simply grand.

It's all I've heard from the album so far, but if it's any indication, then the whole thing is a marvel. I'm tempted to revise my Top 5 post from yesterday already with that song.

So I took a look at my old live journal today, and my god, was I ever live-journally. All emotions and song quotes and a complete lack of irony. So all that's changed is my ironic distance from life in general, but my god... let me quote a bit if I may.

"saturday night was so hard to leave behind. drinking coffee and wasting film (none of which came out) and hanging around with old friends. Now i'm supposed to write and read and be responsible. I have no friends here. It will not be hard to quit this... It will be easy. Easy and dangerous.It's an overwhelming scare, what i propose to do. Maggie told me to just hop trains and stow away and travel cross the country (nay, the world!). Can I do it. Hock all my CDs and Books and put my computer in storage and go hitchhike and keep notebooks of fiction and poetry and start illegal barrel fires and drop by on friends that don't want to see me because i'm dirty.sleep under bridges and grow to love the south just because it's warmer in February... It's romantic in theory, but it would be miserable. Miserable and cheap. Give me a room and a spot of food every now and again. I'll be those thousand monkeys and I'll only use one type writer. Hell, I have my own. the great american novel? maybe not, but something great and something american and something away from this scholastic nightmare. "

So that's me in Fall 2000. The more things change the more they stay the same. Right now I miss the south because it's warmer in March. Wouldn't it be nice to be able to say that the only reason friends don't want to see you is because you're dirty?

c'est la vie.

MUSIC: snow patrol: run

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