Monday, March 28, 2005

Easter, eh?

I guess we'd better get to the whipping of the young ladies. Seriously. I'm not kidding.

Day off from school, which gives me a total of one day of classes this week. I don't know how I'll survive so rigorous a course load. Oh, no, wait, I do. I'll blog obsessively and listen to music and write and drink. Hell, I may even watch something entertaining. Speaking of entertainment, I just finished watching The Office last night and I just want to tell Ricky Gervais to go to hell.

Yes, the office is brilliant. Hilarious, too. But by god it's brutal. If the American version is, as I've heard, a direct remake, it will be too tragic for american audiences to handle.

So big up to Cara for enlightening me about Hopkin Green Frog, and big down to the farelly brothers for fever pitch. You lost me with your Ben Stiller bad day movie, and it appears I will stay lost. Eat one, guys.

Oh, and sorry about making you share paragraph space with the farelly's, Cara.

Here's Cara's own paragraph. I'll even put a link to a good trailer in here, that should make up for the sin of proximity committed above.

So tonight I have the two Christmas specials of the office to look forward to or perhaps the Royal Tennenbaums. Either way the clocks are set forward and it's an hour later than it should be and the Czech Republic is warm and welcoming despite my poverty. Send lawyers, guns and money.

MUSIC: sparklehorse: gold days

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