Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Monday, October 24, 2005

"...the color of fire..."

"...I look at the trees grow older..."

It just got below freezing and I want it to keep it up. The wind and leaves and me getting to wear my trenchcoat and not sweat. I want it to snow.

Lately the smiles have come from seeing 8 by 12 prints of Brno. I'm running out of paper.

For Halloween I will be the Man With No Name. Black Jeans and Cigarillos ahoy.

I depressed myself this weekend writing pages and pages of my saddest screenplay. Seasonally, shouldn't I be working on the zombie movie?

Print of the day: Forest of Andrew Ghost Twins (working title)

MUSIC: clinic: the majestic

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

"The streets aren't for dreaming now..."

"...Good night to the street sweepers, the night watchmen flame-keepers, and goodnight Matilda too..."

I can't get "Waltzing Matilda" by Tom Waits out of my head.

I'm giving a speech on Survival Czech (i.e. how to order beer and tell people you don't speak Czech) in a few weeks. The only reason why I mention it is that I just got out of my absurdly simple, once-weekly public speaking class.

Someone tell me not to sleep so much.

MUSIC: tom waits: waltzing matilda

Monday, October 10, 2005

"...I write music for soundtracks now..."

"...I strut my stuff..."
Originally uploaded by Vocal Shrapnel.
Flickr has a limit, and it resets with the calendar month. Guess what, it's barely October, and I used it all up. I could only put 9 of the 50-something pictures I scanned in this weekend up. It was hard to narrow them down. Maybe I'll sneak a few up on the blog while I wait for november. I also have some pictures from this weekend which will not be seeing the light of day any time very soon.

But go look at the crazy contraption I made Jesse and Andrew get into! There's a lot of those pictures.

Also, Kasia, Michael, and Richard are waiting until november to get posted. Plus, there's more of Traci, Jess, Prague, and Olomouc waiting to get the "I got photographed by Jef and am posted on his website" club.

It's a good club.

MUSIC: guided by voices: ex-supermodel

Holy God, Don't ever live in a dorm!

For the love of god, this thing is walking around the doors of the bathroom stalls! That's a lovely welcome back to the dorm, I can tell you!

So anyway, the rest of europe will be up within twenty-four hours. Also, fall break approacheth. Dig.

MUSIC: polaris: hey sandy (laura marie's fault)

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

With all that black and white... We were getting a little too classy here

So the weekend is up, and all of Brno is in a set. Trust me, it's findable, so if you haven't checked it yet, get on it. You have no excuse.

This weekend was Jake's 25th and Pete's been in a state. Check his site for all the sweaty details.

Posting all these pictures makes me feel entirely justified in not writing much of anything.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have an acute gout attack to get back to.

MUSIC: simples minds: don't you (forget about me)

PS. be careful with your right limbs, they're suffering this week all 'round.

Monday, October 03, 2005

"...nobody's calling, the scenery's whistlin'..."

...and I know that somewhere there's snow..."

For some reason I titled all of these pictures as more or less relevant song lyrics.

Incidentally, there will be no prize for identifying the song, but I will be impressed.

MUSIC: architecture in helsinki: tiny paintings

"I swear your eyes moved..."

the first wave of the czech invasion is here! More would be here if it weren't nearly five a.m. already. Keep your eyes on the prize, gang, because I've got a lot more from Pete's negative scanner this weekend, and there's always another weekend.

Pictures from this weekend and something more thoughtful wordwise will be appearing.

MUSIC: the iceboxers: photograph of you