Saturday, March 05, 2005

"and we still haven't walked in the glow...

...of each others majestic presence..."

Where that came from I'll never know, but today I did three incredible things.

1. I ate a McNewYork, which is debatably good (not good) but is incredible, literally. It is not credible that I ate at McDonald's today despite the fact that I did, which makes it credible. Cursed Catch 22s.

2. I resisted the sooty orphans who were begging me for money or food while eating the aforementioned McNewYork. Okay, they weren't sooty and they also weren't orphans, I don't think. Hell, they didn't even count as urchins, they were just annoying and kept saying "Mr., Mr.," and pointing at their mouths as if they were starving. "Mr., Money," and Jesse caved in. He gave them fries. I win in the "heartless American who won't give money to people who clearly don't need it category," although I did say something that made me seem way more heartless than my closed wallet did: "If they want to beg, why can't they be like all the other beggars in town; cut off a leg and learn to play guitar..."

I am a bastard.

3. I saw Million Dollar Baby. Hot damn. As you may recall from about ten posts down, I saw the Aviator recently, and I commented on the fact that it is near-perfect and should have gotten a plethora of Oscars. At least one for Directing and Best Picture. I believe I issued a challenge to Mr. Eastwood to prove me wrong, and he did so. I've only seen three movies in theaters ever in my life that I was tempted to call perfect after I'd seen them: Raging Bull, The Aviator, and Million Dollar Baby. Right after you buy that Frank Black album ('cause I know you're getting right on that) go see Million Dollar Baby.

So here's mad props to Cara for giving me a shout out, as it were, and for choosing a fine photographic machine of which I am jealous. There's some lyrics on the way.

And for Jesse, here's a link to Neil Gaiman's blog. Read it and weep, suckers.

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