Thursday, March 03, 2005

"and we've all got wounds to clean,

here's a rag, here's some gasoline."

I've been living and breathing music for a week now, falling asleep to lyrics I make up and dreaming reprecussions for songs I've written lately. The above lyric is Hum, green to me, off of Downward is Heavenward.

In honor of High Fidelity, top 5 moments in music ever, in no particular order.

1. "here underneath these sad, sad stars." Crooked Fingers, under sad stars on Crooked
2. "just like the inuit with the promise song to come down and see." Hum, the inuit promise on
Downward is Heavenward.
3. "tell me the stars are made of tin and that they're bangin' on the roof. please..." Jump Little
Children, close your eyes, Magazine.
4. "helplessly waiting, the diver is down and they're chumming the ocean..." Archers of Loaf,
chumming the ocean (live), Seconds Before the Accident.
5. "you finally understand the movement of a hand waving goodbye." Bright Eyes, movement
of a hand, Fevers and Mirrors.

There. that was harder to do than I anticipated. Especially when the yahoo radio is playing everybody hurts.

I saw the aviator last night, and by god, million dollar baby better be melifluous and spectacular. I mean, really, really good, because the aviator is something approaching flawless, and you don't think so, then I will fight you, and that is no lie.

So for the sake of being entertaining, let me share my dream from last night with the world at large. As I have possibly mentioned, Andrew often has friends visiting him here in Brno. So last night I had a dream that he was visited by Blind Pew, from Muppet Treasure Island. If you haven't seen the movie, that's an old blind muppet who gives Billy Bones (Billy Connelly) the black spot and repeatedly calls Jim Hawkins (Kevin Bishop) a little girl. Plus he's a muppet. So in the dream I was hanging out in a bar with Jess, Jesse, Andrew, a muppet who only spoke in quotes from his movie, and the meteorologist from the aviator. Blind Pew kept calling Andrew a little girl.

So that's my update for today. So far. enjoy.

MUSIC: silver jews: random rules

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