Thursday, July 28, 2005

look, it's my eye!

look, it's my eye!
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Holy crap has it ever been a long time since I posted... Here's the story in brief. my car exploded a lot, I partied too much, hurricanes hit, I got contacts.

This is a picture of my eye as taken by a terrifying machine at a place called Tunnel Vision. They gave me contacts. God gave me astigmatism, so now I worship Tunnel Vision. all hail.

Oak Ridge kids, if I haven't exhausted your patience... if you still, in fact, read this thing, I'm coming. I'm thinking Tuesday maybe... we'll see how the schedule goes.

And of course I may get trampled at the street festival this weekend.

MUSIC: aimee mann: save me

Sunday, July 10, 2005

Pittsburgh: City of Lost Children!

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I'm back! And there are pictures up and I'll update and it'll be awesome... but right now the pictures are as awesome as it gets.

And, this is key, and it's for Jesse. Driving back I was listening to the Mountain Goats... it was dope, but I was tired. So I switched over to a CD I had burned that started with Hip Hop Phenomenon. Within one minute of the cd switch, we passed the Girls Gone Wild "party bus."

It's all in the soundtrack. welcome back to the states, sir.