Monday, March 07, 2005

did you know

that oingo boingo changed it's name to boingo briefly in the early nineties? That means that the band had a different name in every decade in which it existed.

70's - The Mystic Knights of Oingo Boingo
80's - Oingo Boingo
90's - Boingo

And then they went back to Oingo Boingo before they ended their run on Halloween night of 1995.

Additionally, I have wasted an obscene amount of time today, and I can't get launchcast to play the Archers of Loaf's live version of chumming the ocean from seconds before the accident. I am having a lot of luck having things I don't want to hear played like Men Without Hats and Neil Diamond and Bon Jovi.

Hey, Danzig's still around, though. that's news to me.

Another shout out to Cara for all the shouting out which was in return for my shouting out. We'll both go hoarse and need some water.

Now I'm going to sit here and wait until I can publish this post honestly after I type in that I'm listening to the archers of loaf playing chumming the ocean live. I might type some more in a bit if it takes very long.

MUSIC: archers of loaf: chumming the ocean (live)

this is what it's playing for me while i wait, and I can't complain.

guided by voices: with surgical focus, the magnetic fields: I don't believe you, christie front drive: two wheeled train, trembling blue stars: now that there's nothing, the reindeer section: grand parade, architecture in helsinki: where you've been hiding, the flaming lips: race for the prize, pink floyd: the show must go on, jam: flying high, joan of arc: god bless america, the smiths: how soon is now, joseph arthur: let's embrace, jets to brazil: your x-rays..., the white stripes: the same boy you've always known, the eels: novocaine for the soul, depeche mode: everything counts (live), the all-american rejects: my paper heart, sportsguitar: mistake, the cure: purple haze, the standard: jump rope, fiona apple: pale september, my favorite: the radiation, leonard cohen: anthem, weezer: butterfly, secret stars: some sinatra, stephen malkmus: vanessa from queens, james blunt: billy, american football: the one with the wurlitzer, electralane: oh Sombra! , galaxie 500: jerome, mountain goats: oceanographer's choice, quasi: the skeleton, portishead: roads, Siouxsie and the banshees: fear (of the unknown), the lightning seeds: pure, pinback: june, the magic magicians: action, the clientele: policeman getting lost, iron and wine: such great heights, cursive: sierra, super furry animals: fragile happiness, sunny day real estate: pillars, mates of state: drop anchor, tom waits: singapore, elvis costello: fifteen petals, fugazi: waiting room, marine reasearch: hopefulenss to hopelessness, elefant: sunlight makes me paranoid, the black heart procession: i know your ways, rufio: follow me, beck: he's a mighty good leader

and the thing just told me I had exceeded my usage of free launchcast and I have to start paying them now.

So I never got to hear my song.

But at least I put up an obscenely long list of music I did get to hear. I dare you to find and listen to all those songs. make a mixed cd. make 12. They'll be good.

MUSIC: nothing.

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