Thursday, March 03, 2005

"I forgot...

...more than you'll ever know" -Elvis Costello (featuring Tom Waits, live)

but seriously, I forgot to link some things I've been meaning to.

Here's an episode of Frontline which you can pretty much watch all of from this site. It's an odd little piece about a teacher's way of teaching a room full of white Iowans about discrimination.

Okay, and this is something awful. I mean, it's from Jesse and I were talking about Man on the Moon, and I thought it'd be nice to link a nifty goon-piece about, among other things, "why Jim Carrey is a god amongst men."

so give that a read, and, while you're there, go to the movie reviews. read the review for Nukie. don't read it in a public lab if you're prone to laughing out loud. seriously.

MUSIC: elliott smith: i didn't understand

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