Sunday, March 13, 2005

"maybe it's so windy...

...because spring is coming," Jesse said.

"either that," I replied, "or the devil's coming. Either way, it's gonna warm up."

Lewis Carroll is an odd fellow to read and last night I flooded the Sušarná which I am probably misspelling and I may even be misspelling misspelling, but I don't think so. It's the room where you hang your clothes to dry since dryers are a western luxery indicative of the american devil, apparently. So my clothes had been washing for two and half hours (that's one load, count 'em, one) and I was ready for them to be done. They weren't, so I took them anyway. They had skipped the spin cycle I hung them up anyway.

One load later, I went down and a girl said something incomprehensible involving voda and pokoj. She then said in english, "that room is full of water." Oops.

I played dumb.

Ate Czech Mexican food yesterday. That was an odd experience. Jesse got Goulash with white rice. There was tabasco mixed into the sauce, which clearly makes it Mexican, yeah?

This'll give you an idea of what exploding dog is if you don't know.

MUSIC: ben folds five: jane

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