Saturday, April 30, 2005

Bored, I emulate Luke Rosa.

Searching Google for "Jef is"

-Jef is a political movement, but not a party
-Jef is its youth movement
-Jef is an Uncle
-Jef is engaged in an "epic confrontation" with the zethi fleet
-Jef is also a songwriter
-Jef is a P2P application designed by the authors, based on the Project
-Jef is all about and why it's good
-Jef is already connected to the serial port 1
-Jef is being sought all over
-Jef is aware that parts of the Constitution remain vague and
-Jef is a more generic version of the Filewatcher Framework
-Jef is Babelfish, by the way. By my count, he is roughly 25% of the
troll here.
-Jef is State Certified in General Counseling, Marriage/Family, and
Chemical Dependency
-Jef is probably out of his element here
-Jef is a multitalented person who is most capable
-Jef is a well-known local actor and mime
-Jef is a musician, he builds model planes, loves archery,
ping pong, and racing cars. He's a mathematician, and an
interface designer with a mission
-Jef is also accepting monetary donations to assist financially
-Jef is behind Stig Eklund
-Jef is a gentleman seaking a Russian bride
-Jef is based at the Belgian underground storage laboratory at Mol
-Jef is out standing in his magnetic field
-Jef is on the right with radio
-Jef is like, "No, really..."
-Jef is nabbed by the police
-Jef is in school becoming a certified gunsmith right now!
-Jef is forced to rely on his own instincts to survive
-Jef is the curator of a large collection of Peter Pan memorabilia
-Jef is insane and is the ruler of his own fantasy kingdom
-Jef is the greatest and he is unlike anyone else
-Jef is the ultimate portrait of cool

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