Tuesday, April 12, 2005

The Vinarška ABC's

A is for Abigail - terribly sweet
B is for Booze which is oft what we eat
C is for Carla who visited once
and D is for Drama because there's too much
E is for Eldon, I think you know why
F is for Andrew because Fuck that guy
G is Gambrinus, a beer that's all right
H is for Heikki, thank god he took flight
I am the writer, I caught you a bass
J is for Jesse who frankly kicks ass
K is for Kino, the movies we see
L is for this wee girl named Lizzie
M is Malcovsky, say that three times fast
and N will be Martin, though he should have come last
O is for Olga gone back to Ukraine
and P is for Piia who is not a dane
Q is the Michaels, though I can't say why
and R is for Richard, most British of guys
S is for Shellie whose hair is quite long
and T is for Tim whose hair is dark and gone
U is for Utrecht and Achnes (sp?) as well
and V is for Fran - doesn't work all that well
W is walking after the buses we missed
X is too hard, pretend it doesn't exist
Y is for... Yeshiva... the jewish schools
and Z is...
I wrote this?
I am such a tool.

Wow... that was painful. Sorry about that.

By the way, Film and Musical Festival in town RIGHT NOW! Check it out, especially if you're in town. We should totally see something.

MUSIC: lifeguards: no chain breaking

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