Monday, April 11, 2005

"everybody's gotta hold on hope...'s the last thing that's holdin' me."

So I spent the night sitting in a lounge up in the brains of Vinarska singing to myself, and I can't believe that no one noticed. I finished the Time Traveler's Wife and it was too much. Audrey Niffenegger can line up behind Ricky Gervais for that fight I'm supposed to be having if my mood doesn't shift enough for me to embrace the lyrical beauty contained both in the Office and Niffenegger's book.

I've been a horrible blogger lately so let me try and summarize the week. Carla left on Monday, and I posted a bit about that, yeah? So tuesday was spent... um... hell, it's a blur. Wednesday night, however, was the plastic people of the universe. There are not words to describe this experience. They performed their passion play for the third and possibly last time ever. It was positively grand. Everyone is required to hit up either myself or Jesse to hear the recording when we return stateside. You will be blown away and then we will tell you how the recording pales before the experience. Eat your heart out.

Thursday I crippled myself and friday I was crippled. Saturday I drank champagne, watched legally blonde, I'm embarassed to say, and I must admit it is far down on the list of destructive things I did to myself or had done to me. Oy.

Last night I came in at least bordering 4 am and took a shower. I was inexpressibly cheered when I saw that the boxers I'd chosen in the dark were my Christmas eve gift from this past year, though I still wanted to punch the mirror and did not.

No worries, ladies and gents, I'm stronger stuff. Traci and Shellie, who may never read this and whose name I may have misspelled, you've both been angels. I hope it's not too off-putting.

"blankness and darkness like underneath a leaf has settled on me here..."

MUSIC: guided by voices: hold on hope

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