Monday, February 14, 2005

My inadverdant mutant power

is to control the weather. Apparently. I only make it worse, though, and I have no control over it except that it's generally better when I'm indoors. Let me 'splain.

So Thursday I got a ticket to Prague at the bus station. It was raining a little that day. No big deal. My fellow photolab monitor and all around awesome chicka Traci was coming into the Czech republic for the first time on Friday, and I was catching a six am bus to try to meet her train. That meant getting up at four forty five on Friday. It was, of course, raining.

I got to Prague late and wandered about, looking for the train station (there are four, I think) where she would be arriving. I found it and walked around hoping she would spot me for many hours. Finally I got frustrated and went to an internet cafe to see if there was any missives I'd not received. Indeed there were, and she would be arriving in ten minutes. I met her at the platform. It was raining.

We were accosted, so to speak, by an old lady who offered us a two bed room a block from Wenceslas square for 25 euro. Sounded good. We followed her, and it was raining. She led us as labarynthine-ly as possible through Prague until we reached a room with two huge beds, five calendars from the wrong year, two pictures of Jesus, one Mary, one crucifix, and a German bible. Done and done.

We walked. A lot. Prague is lovely. Simply stunning. Beer and Goulash. Pictures. It rained. I had slept for an hour. She may as well not have slept at all, being as she had been on a train since before midnight. We were beat. We made it to Charles bridge and looked at it and it rained more. We needed a nap.

Post nap was team America, world police and then beer and McDonald's and more sleep.

We were really exhausted. It was raining in the morning. The restaurant we went to had dinosaur on the menu but neither of us would order it. I got what appears to have been catfood. c'est la vie. We had to loiter in the Hlavni Nadrazi for quite some time, and then we shared a compartment with a one-armed man. It was him, and I was framed.

We arrived at Brno to witness a ground covered with slush, near-freezing rain falling. We ate huge pizzas. We bought some beer. We caught a bus home. The bus dropped us off two blocks up hill from my dorm. We slid down very cautiously. It was still raining. Traci made a fine impression on my posse of ex-pat two-term americans and everyone else she met. We went to the yellow bar and drank and saw a polka-esque band and had no trouble getting her back inside the dorm.

We slept frightfully little given that we had to be up by six forty five and also given the amount of alcohol we'd consumed. The ground was a sheet of ice as we went to the train station, and i can't say I was glad to see her go. A few minutes before her train arrived, it started raining. A lot. I walked back through the rain.

I got home and showered and went to sleep. as I looked out side at where i had just been rained on, the sky was blue. my powers began to dawn on me. I got up about three pm (slept since nine) and eventually walked with Andrew to the yellow bar. It was sunny as we put on our coats.

We walked ten steps. It began to snow.

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MUSIC: (in my head) smashing pumpkins: farewell and goodnight.

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waaaait, they sell beer at mcd's?