Wednesday, February 16, 2005

caving in

to the chain-letteresque nature of the internet, I now have no choice but to follow instructions. Having responded to this on another blog, I now must post it.

narcissism, take 82.Post a memory of me.It can be anything you want, it can be good or bad, just so long as it happened.Then post this to your journal. See what people remember about you...

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T Dub said...

the first time we were in the photo lab at the same time, being instructed on how to tamper with semi-hazardous chemicals. you had a blazer with no sleeves but fringes of scar tissue.

Anonymous said...

i have many a fine memory of you... for instance
1) sitting in the czech cocktail bar along with kasia, sipping screwdrivers. Taking crazy pictures and eating sour grapefruits that i thought were oranges.
2)sitting at some back table in livingstone, drinking...again. and then alanis morissette's (damn the spelling of her last name) you oughta know came on and we sang aloud. is that the right song? hopefully.
well, i went ahead and broke the rule of posting just one memory! agh! thanks for your email, i will email you tonight or in the morning. in the meantime, must study for test. yes. studyyy!

cassalyn said...

well it doesn't really seem like a memory, cause it feels like it just happened yesterday, but we were in that bar that had always seemed just chic enough to intimidate me out of going in. i was totally entranced by the curling on tv. oh crap, now i wonder if i'm getting it wrong. was that when we decided we should trade my dead cat scarf for your bottle of becherovka? did that happen at a different place? shit. anywho, good times. hope your sister liked her christmas presant. shit, does she read this?

Anonymous said...

I remember the first binge. Three two-liter bottles of Tesco wine, DVDs, and everyone else away for the weekend. Good times, although it's impossible to make this sound as fun as it was.

--Big McLargeHuge