Monday, February 07, 2005

It has begun

And no that's not just a mortal kombat reference. What I mean is that the semester has begun. I suppose technically it doesn't begin until the 21 which is two weeks from now, but the social bit has begun.

New people are pouring in from all over the world. Finns and Americans a-plenty. So what's been going on?

My fellow Western Carolinian Traci has arrived in Gronigen and I should be getting a visit shortly. The wonders of Czech beer and nightmare tram rides to museums and tea shops will be brought fully to bear.

I've seen many a movie this past week, and it was good. Czechs make buttered, cheesed, and bacon flavored popcorn. Weirdos. I tried to see Team America, but it was sold out and won't be opening anywhere else in town for another week. Sideways is spectacular. Alexander is a sad trainwreck of a movie.

Here's where maybe I should be ashamed but am not. I saw Harold and Kumar go to White Castle. First of all, it's really, really funny. Funniest thing I've seen a theatre since Old School. Secondly, the czech title translates as "we'll smoke, we'll see," because the czech translation of White Castle is also the czech name for Belgrade. Harold and Kumar go to war-torn Yugoslavia just doesn't have the same ring to it, eh? Finally, I will inform you of the many Neil Patrick Harris references in the film. Of course, many Doogie Houser jokes ensue, but the czech republic did not get Doogie, so the translation makes all the Doogie jokes into Starship Troopers jokes. Or as it's called over here, "Infantry of the Stars."

So that's it, I think. Watched most of the superbowl, but it was shown on an Irish channel. We got the game, but instead of the cool comercials, we got to see repeated ads for a local (in Ireland) spa store called Polar Spa. C'est la vie.

MUSIC: Elvis Costello and Tom Waits: I forgot more than you'll ever know (live)


Anonymous said...

I will not be satisfied with this so-called terror unless you can promise me bubble wrap will be involved somehow.

(czech yo dreamail, kiddo!)

Anonymous said...

If by "I saw Harold and Kumar go to White Castle," you mean "I saw Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle twice in three days, then I'm totally with you.



Nice pubes.