Tuesday, May 03, 2005

which film starring Eddie Murphy...

...and Nick Nolte really sucks and features a villain called the iceman?

That would be Another 48 hours, and it's funny you should ask that, because that's almost exactly how long I'll be in Brno.

The plane tickets arrived today, UPS can eat one, and I will be sitting in the prague airport for nearly twelve hours on Thursday night.

Those of you with ready access to cheddar cheese should remember how lucky you all are. It's totally great.

Gameboy Advance, after lying dormant for months, wastes my time and batteries.

-Friday - get home. hopefully eat something and shower. laundry is good.

-Saturday - get job. have car, possibly bandana matt (comment). laundry

-Sunday - mothers day. call mom, hopefully decembrists. if not, Family Guy.

-Monday - x-rays. not be crippled - doctor. Daily show

-Tuesday - work


I've wasted enough of your time for now. Baron Trenck beckons.

MUSIC: pixies: debaser

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