Friday, May 20, 2005

crooked rain,

crooked rain.

Say something encouraging.

I would like to thank George Lucas for finally delivering a star wars movie. Despite popular rumor he hasn't directed a star wars film since 1977, and he hasn't been involved in making one for at least 20 years. So thanks a lot, big guy. Wookies rule.

To all my homies on the far east side, can we hear a word or two about how this prodigy thing went off.

To my other homies, I'll have money and a car sometime in the nearish future, promise.

To all my homies: speaking of car, should I opt for Bandana Matt for $12 or Nameless Caprice for $13.50. For that price, the third option would be to buy both and join them in some horrendous breaking-the-laws-of-nature sort of way.

To all the girls I... eh, forget it, that is a new level of lame, even for me. I apologize. Sepuku is clearly my only option for this shame.

MUSIC: the rain AND casiotone for the painfully alone

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