Wednesday, May 04, 2005

"SPAM SPAM SPAM (nadoelo)"

I don't know what that means, but those of you who have been following the nigh-daily adventures in blogdom that are presented here by the fine folks at santoritimes.blogspot may recall an equally inexplicable post title from some time ago. That title was derived from the auto-filler function of IE in the lab in A2 Vinarska, and this one is as well.

So this is it. This will be my last post from Europe for the foreseeable future. It will not be a good one. Today I bid farewell to the Pod and had an amicable first/last meeting with Andrew's brother. I will say goodbye to Tesco wine tonight. I will pack and take down all my shitty prints from the walls of the room. I will no doubt sleep late. I will eat soft sauce for the last time. Tomorrow Tora pizza will be my final Brno meal.

The bus leaves at 5.

The beauty that I'm sure Prague is in the spring will be lost to me, trapped with luggage in the airport for hours. I will again be spending time in godforsaken Frankfurt, just in the airport, just for three hours. America will welcome me with perfunctory customs checks in Charlotte. I'll be in Asheville in time for dinner.

Visit me.

MUSIC: beulah: If We Can Land A Man On The Moon, Surely I Can Win Your Heart

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