Monday, March 24, 2008

terrible movie idea

Henry Rollins and Noam Chomsky in a small room with a list of complicated topics to discuss. Consider using boi-oing spring sound effect every time some one says something really simple and obvious as though it is an astounding revelation.

Consider splicing in comments from Weird Al or Alice Cooper.

Alternative to spring noise: pop-up text. Example:


When people wash their hands with antibacterial hand soap, they are destroying skin cells that could, at some point, be used to create a human being, but there are no pro-life protests when I wash my hands--

(pop-up: This is true. There are also no pro-choice advocates who favor Jonathan Swift's A Modest Proposal as a practical solution to overpopulation.)

--so clearly the answer lies somewhere between washing my hands and killing kindergarteners.

MUSIC: tom waits: big joe and phantom309

Note: the above Chomsky line is paraphrased from the documentary Lake of Fire. I am certain that statement about the crux of the abortion issue lying between hand washing and killing children is accurate (and stupid), though I believe he actually called the children in his example three-year-olds.

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