Friday, March 07, 2008

7 March 2008

"Never trust a man in a blue trench coat. Never drive a car when you're dead."


10,000 B.C.: From the same asshole who brought you The Day After Tomorrow and Godzilla. It's sort of like the story of Moses mixed with the aforementioned movies and The Flintstones. Sound stupid? You bet! Original

The Bank Job: Hopefully the first in a series of ______ Job movies that will strive in vain to avoid jokes like this. Based on a true story (?). Not original

College Road Trip: Finally the deep and long-standing friendship between Martin Lawrence and Donny Osmond has been brought to the big screen. Original


Bar Starz: Did anyone see the Chappelle Show episodes where, Chappelle being absent, some of his backing performers functioned as painfully unfunny MCs between outtake-quality skits? This movie was made by those guys. Original

Cheung Gong 7 hou: Co-written by, directed by, and starring Stephen Chow. Some kind of a toy is involved. Original

Married Life: based on a book called Five Roundabouts to Heaven. Not original

Snow Angels: The new David Gordon Green picture (that's an endorsement in and of itself). Based on a novel of the same name. Not original

Paranoid Park: Gus Van Sant strikes back! Odds on male-male kiss: 1:1. Based on a novel of the same name. Not original

Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day: From the director of the third Crow movie comes the fourth literary adaption in a row! It's almost like I planned this (By almost, I mean it would have worked better if I switched this one with the Van Sant picture). Not original

Girls Rock! If Jesus Camp left a bad taste, maybe it's time to give girl's rock and roll camp a try. Documentary. Original

Fighting for Life: A documentary following American military doctors in Iraq. Original

the score:

week: 6-5
year: 52-22


week: 2-1
year: 18-14

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