Thursday, March 20, 2008

Talent 6

I just did a general search on an internet job board for anything with the keyword "editor." The vast majority of the results so far have been from a company called Talent 6.

First point - Talent 6 seems to be looking for people to be film extras. This relates to the keyword "editor" somehow?

Second point - Talent 6 is posting one of two different ads all over the country. Call me crazy, but I doubt the $300 a day promise holds up very often in Cicero Illinois, Valdosta Georgia, or Anchorage Alaska.

I imagine I have more experience than most people my age at looking at internet job boards. I spent nearly four months looking for work after graduation, and during that time I got exactly one interview. I was offered a position working the night shift behind a hotel desk. It was a 30 minute drive from my house (my parents' house), it ran from 11 p.m. to 7 a.m., it paid 8 dollars an hour, it offered no benefits, and one of the questions I was asked at my interview was "how do you feel about plunging toilets?"

I turned that one down and spent another month on the job boards, scouring. I posted a sort of open cover letter on Craigslist in about 45 different towns, and someone in Cincinnati read it. I was offered a job a little under four months from graduating - a six month contract.

I was looking for what was coming next before I was two months in. I liked the work well enough, but I was alone and miserable in Ohio. When I left they gave me some freelance work because they liked me and I liked them, but it didn't last. I spent four months before that job, and four months during that job looking for work.

I had two months of freelance work and after that I was one year out of graduation with eight months of experience, no prospects, and ten months of playing the job boards. I thought I had a job in sunny California, but that evaporated. My lady and I moved in with my brother to save some money, and I got unemployment.

Since September I have been steadily searching. Resume's updated, cover letters crafted meticulously, contacts made and feelers stretched out.

I had my very first interview this morning.

This one is for a temporary contract position scoring student writing tests. I have been led to understand that, should I pass muster, I might be able to get 6 weeks of work between now and June at the rate of $350 or so a week, gross. Did I mention this position requires a college degree? It's sort of a grad student and retiree gig, and it is the only interview I've had since October of 2006.

I haven't been picky, either. I applied to Borders and Harris Teeter and Barnes and Noble. I know the economy is laughably bad right now, but this is just absurd.

So if you have any leads, you know... I'm all ears.

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Plaid Avenger said...

That's it. We're moving to [insert Mecca here] and opening a bar/art house theater/dance club/foxy boxing arena.

Like we don't know people interested in getting involved in this.

glasshole said...

Yoohoo! Yes please. Don't forget the laundromat.