Monday, August 11, 2008

8 August 2008

"Fuck Jeff Goldblum!" (from Pineapple Express, apparently. Without seeing it, I guess it's the best line in the movie.)


Pineapple Express: I hope they paid a lot, David Gordon Green... Original

Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2: Did you know that the first movie was based on a novel? Not that that's an excuse. Not original


Amal: Thanks to Salman Rushdie, I know what the movies about simply by reading the title of the story it's based on, "Amal: The Autorickshaw Wallah." Not original

Beautiful Losers: Unrelated to the Leonard Cohen novel, which is really too bad. Original

Beer for My Horses: Starring and (co)written by Toby Keith! Ted Nugent costars! I assume PETA will be getting everyone involved jailed, since this is probably just an edited down tape of Keith and some friends (Claire Forlani?) force feeding their horses gallons of pbr. Original

Bottle Shock: I have become very interested in beer and wine production in the last month, and even I can't imagine a movie about making wine being very enjoyable. Not original

Elegy: It's Ben Kingsley! Let's all praise him! (The proprietor is still pissed about You Kill Me) Not original

Fire Under the Snow: Documentary about a Tibetan monk and his 33 years in jail. Original

Hell Ride: This is the 3rd Dennis Hopper picture in seven days... Original

The Neighbor: Based on the synopsis, I'm pretty sure this is that David Spade movie where he kidnapped a dog. Original

Patti Smith: Dream of Life: I think I would like this documentary more if it had kept it's working title ("Untitled Patti Smith Project"). Original

Red: Brian Cox is going on a revenge spree after three kids kill his dog. No, seriously. Not original

What We Do in Secret: is apparently write biopics about people no one's ever heard of. Does anyone know who Darby Crash is (was? I dunno)? Not original

Wrangler: Anatomy of an Icon: I don't know who this guy is, but I find it off-putting that a man who produced so much pornography is named Wrangler. Original

the score:

week: 8-6
year: 194-87


week: 1-1
year: 42-43

note: late. But I did finish another script last week, and I need some readers. volunteers?

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