Friday, August 22, 2008

22 August 2008

"Unless, of course, war were declared."


Death Race: Paul W.S. Anderson, not to be confused with Paul T. Anderson or Wes Anderson. This is the one that sucks. Not original

The House Bunny: PLAYMATE HOUSE!! (just barely) original

The Longshots: Warnings: "Based on a true story" "Starring Ice Cube" "Directed by Fred Durst" Not original

The Rocker: The name of the writer (Wally Wolodarsky) is funnier than the whole concept. Original


Ballet Shoes: Not original

Cthulhu: That Cthulhu... starring Tori Spelling. Not original

Hamlet 2: I hope Steve Coogan can get some post Tropic Thunder attention for this. Original

I Served the King of England: Menzel is adapting his first Hrabel novel since Closely Watched Trains. Not original

I.O.U.S.A.: You don't wanna know. Original

Momma's Man: Writer/Director Azazel Jacobs takes a big risk putting "Momma" in the title and not casting Martin Lawrence. I hope he has a good lawyer. Original

Trouble the Water: The water is flood water... hence the trouble. Original

the score:

week: 6-5
year: 207-96


week: 2-2
year: 46-47

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