Friday, June 06, 2008

6 June 2008

So I missed a week. Instead of saying something brief and cruel about Sex and the City, I was moving across town to a sweet new pad. So this week is a double.

"Hava Nagila, Baby" -Rabbi, P.I.

Last Week Wide:

Sex and the City: The Movie:
Thank god they put this in theaters instead of Sex and the City: The Book. Not original

The Strangers: Supposedly inspired by true events. Not original

Last Week Limited:

The Foot Fist Way: Moustache alert! Original

Bigger, Faster, Stronger: Steroids Documentary. Original

Savage Grace: Based on a book of a true story. Not original

Stuck: Mena Suvari hits Stephen Rea with a car. Original

Last Week's Scores:

week: 3-3
year: 130-60

Wide: 0-2
Year: 31-31

This week:


Kung Fu Panda: Finally, a movie that combines the talents of Jackie Chan, David Cross, and Wayne Knight. Original

You Don't Mess With the Zohan: If this movie didn't develop with the help of some sort of intoxicants and liberal inspiration from the Jesus character in The Big Lebowski then I am very surprised. Original


Dreams with Sharp Teeth: Harlan Ellison Documentary. Original

Go-Getter: Let the Zooey Deschanel summer assault begin! Original

The Grocer's Son: It's French, bitch. Original

Miss Conception: There are two 'o's in the title, so guess how many are turned into gender symbols to show us how light hearted this movie about infertility is. That's right, two. Original

Mother of Tears: Dario Argento movie with a reference to eyes in the title? This won't go well. Original

Operation Filmmaker: Documentary. Original

The Promotion: Sean William Scott apparently wasn't satisfied with that movie where he fought against Billy Bob Thornton, so now he gets to go after John Reilly. Original

And When did you Last See your Father?: A father's closeness to death sparks reminiscences in his son. AKA Big Fish. Also, based on a novel. Not original

the score:

week: 9-1
year: 139-61


week: 2-0
year: 33-31

Note: the odds of my having missed a few films last week are, unfortunately, high. I'll try and catch it if I can, but right now I have to unpack.


Plaid Avenger said...

Harlan Ellison doc! I bet this never comes to theaters!

the proprietor... said...

Around here we haven't even gotten the new Errol Morris, so I'm inclined to agree.

Plaid Avenger said...