Friday, April 18, 2008

18 April 2008

"Oh wow! This orange is delicious. It is literally to die for." -man enjoying a free sample who does not know what "literal" means.


88 Minutes: Al Pacino is the pits. Original

Forgetting Sarah Marshall: Based on the tragic dating history of the screenwriter. Like every romantic comedy. Original

The Forbidden Kingdom: Based on the legend of the Monkey King. Not original


Expelled No Intelligence Allowed: Ben Stein is allowed... what does that tell you? Original

Anamorph: Wasn't this a saturday morning cartoon? No? I'll be damned. Original

First Saturday in May: If you can just remember that this documentary is about the Kentucky Derby then you can remember when the Kentucky Derby happens. Very helpful. Original

Kiss the Bride: Or don't because you are not attracted to her because you are coming to grips with being a gay man in a romantic comedy of the gay type. Original

Life Before Her Eyes: school shooting survival guilt. Not original

Pathology: With the "commit the perfect murder" dare, another game of truth or dare goes too far. Or something. Original

Where in the World is Osama Bin Laden: Finally, we got Morgan Spurlock on the case! Your ass is grass, Osama. Original

Zombie Strippers: need I say more? Based on the Booker nominated novel by A.S. Byatt. Original

the score:

week: 9-2
year: 100-41


week: 2-1
year: 27-24

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Plaid Avenger said...

I'll bet you Byatt could drag out Zombie Strippers for 600 pages.