Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Hiatus Schmiatus

The long hot drought the nation has endured is over! The dangerous thirst of the world is slaked! Drink deep of the life-giving errata of my prose and rejoice at my return unto the blogosphere!

Also, accept my apology for the tone above, I am watching reports on evangelists. (Note to Senate investigators: A man who changes his name to Creflo Dollar IS profiting overmuch from anything he is involved in.)

This spot will soon be full of an abbreviated update on the last three months during which I lost internet, car, state of residence, and a number of fantasy football games. Also, I'll throw some pictures and maybe some opinions about movies around willy nilly.

Should I join the WGA anytime soon, however, updates will cease until I get my iTunes residuals.

MUSIC: maritime: german engineering

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