Monday, August 07, 2006

An educational film:

Here we see Jef carrying what appears to be a computer monitor. Now, Jef appears to be a strapping young lad, fully capable of carrying a monitor to the very ends of the earth...

but what if I were to tell you that Jef hasn't eaten in three days?

You see, without proper nutrition and a reasonable caloric intake, Jef here is as weak as a kitten. The way it works is, each night when Jef is asleep, his body takes what it needs to repair itself, not from the food he's eaten, but from itself. So when he wakes up and should feel refreshed and ready for the day, he is actually sluggish and weak as a kitten.

Oh! Good job, Jef... you nearly lost it there.

Let's hope Jef gets a good meal tonight... and let's not watch him try to get the refrigerator.

(and such was the inner monologue during my move out.)

MUSIC: the cure: the end of the world

(note: college accomplished)

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