Tuesday, August 29, 2006

It's well over now,

the Ghost Festival, that is. Dear sons and daughters of hungry ghosts, I am afraid that your next chance to appease and free, albeit culturally cross-wise, will be November 1.

I hope they can wait, because otherwise we've a trite horror movie on our hands.

And speaking of trite horror movies, is it wrong to be purposefully derivative if it's in a lauditory, self-aware, original way? Can you be derivative in an original way, you ask? And in response I direct you to numerous episodes of the X-Files as well as The Man Who Wasn't There and the script I intend to start outlining once I get my hands on a copy of Shadow of A Doubt.

I spent one dollar on a local paper today which has given me absolutely no leads in the hunt for work. I spent five dollars today on lottery tickets. It's either a waste of money five times as great or a fantastic investment. Though I believe it to be the former, clearly my money, literally, is on it being the latter.

Adventures ought to happen for free.

MUSIC: Godspeed you black emperor: providence

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