Monday, June 13, 2005

"the reports of my death...

...have been greatly exaggerated."

But I am finding myself somewhat unwilling to use the computer for anything other than the assloads of typing I've been doing.

My room is tiny, but it won't get clean. I deposited my first check today. I shaved and I washed clothes.

We have new, all black uniforms at work. I think it's creepy, but it seems to work well. So Saturday, being a big night usually, I bust out my new black gothic over the top shirt. It's a little shiny, and striped and has cuffs with cufflinks. That and a tastefully gold tie. I was well dressed, far be it from me to claim to have been looking good, but I was well dressed...

And I made next to nothing.

The best I got was a pair of gay stereotypes eying me and asking if everyone was supposed to be wearing a tie or if I was "just a freak or something?" Like, OMG.

But seriously...

My stepbrother called me around nine and told me it was an emergency. I took the phone outside beginning to be concerned, and he said he desperately needed to know what movie to rent. Asshole.

I told him real genius, and he got it, but he also got the 5 obstructions, so we watched that until he and our guest started to fall asleep. Two Obstructions down. Bring it on, Lars Von Trier.

MUSIC: viva voce - let's bend light

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