Tuesday, June 21, 2005

"destination venus,

..more than darkness lies between us -- twenty million miles of weakness... human bleakness..."

So my ass hasn't been kicked like this in a movie theater since Undertow.

All right, so it's taken over a month, but by god I have pictures up from Brno. The limited number of albums I'm given forces me to consolidate, so go here and look past the first ten or so. it starts with a lovely sunset... then it gets less lovely. Everyone was a little intoxicated and... well.. thank god I was holding the camera.

So I'm going to pittsburg for some absurd reason on the third. Someone's having a cookout that I'll miss. It's a crime.

In other news, the gout is mad in check. I'm not supposed to hear from it again for something like a decade if I keep up with the running around and eating nothing good.

And pretty soon somebody's gonna be... somewhere... um... I think maybe there should be... I dunno... an epic party or something. I am the master of subtilty...

and spelling.

MUSIC: the reindeer section: sting

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