Wednesday, June 29, 2005

"breathe into my hand...

...I'll cup it like a glass to drink from..."

That quote is connected to my post somehow. Watch for it, I'll get there eventually.

So Friday at noon family shows up. That kid looming over the cake in the picture below... He's one of 'em. Already young kids mean not getting to sleep until noon, right? So On top of that I've got double shifts all weekend. Lots of fun, huh? So here's where my ass gets kicked:

Saturday is Pete's birthday. I work until 10, and I know Pete has to get up for work at 5. So to save time and allow him a little more sleep, I have this brilliant idea of buying lots of beer and wine and taking it home to drink there. But Pete doesn't know. So Malcolm and I decide to go get him at his other work... but first we have to get rid of those beers we opened. Beer number three for each of us is gone in under a minute, and off we go.

At the other restaurant, the Grape Escape, the owner of Little Venice (where Malcolm and I work) offers to buy us drinks. we accept, but we have to drink fast. Really fast. The night continues a pace and I go to work at 11 the next morning.

That night is Doug's last night. We go out for drinks... we buy a bunch more and go home. Repeat process but add Doug and MST3K dvds.

I go into work at noon after two nights of drinking until 5. I was partied out.

Now, tonight I saw Romero's latest zombie masterpiece. Well... it's not. a masterpiece, I mean. There're some sweet zombie scenes, but it's a little depressing when the best developed character in a movie is among the undead.

But there was a brief lesbian scene in the film, and the song quoted earlier is from a much longer lesbian scene in the seminal lesbian film But I'm a Cheerleader. Check it out... I told you it related.

MUSIC: trembling blue stars: letter never sent

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