Monday, October 11, 2004

Who'd have suspected

that Sunday would be an epic party night? Certainly not me. But perhaps one would have such suspicions if they knew that THE SCORPIONS were in town.

That's right, I'm not embarassed to say that I went and saw the goddamn scorpions last night at the Brno Rondo. I admit, however, to being pretty embarassed that so many other people did too. The crowd was monstrous and they were so happy to hear Winds of Change and Through my Eyes and whatnot (note that I only learned these song names last night at the concert) that it was almost sad.

The lead singer (I think his name is Klaus) was into audience participation to a ridiculous degree, and led many, many sing alongs when he wasn't busy playing his (I'm not kidding) tambourine. By the end of the night, however, I did hear 'Rock you like a hurricane' so now I can die happy.

After the concert, having heard of a plot amongst many of the american kids to watch football in a local sports bar, my roommate and I made our way there. The american kids had bailed, but since his home team was on and neither of us particularly wanted to go home, we hung around. We drank a few pilsners and talked a bit about the concert and eventually began talking to someone beside us at the bar who happened to be from Massachusetts. We talked to him for a good long while and then he had to go, so his seat was taken by another person who wanted to talk to us.

This person, however, was not american. This person was a fairly drunk and very friendly czech man who spoke almost as little English as I speak Czech. He spoke slightly less german than I do, too, so conversation was very difficult. Tom, my roommate, ended up talking with his two younger companions while the older fellow tried desperately to talk to me. I understood him to say quite loudly that Scorpions were shit!! and that he 'is' rock and roll (meaning the czech man speaking).

He told me how Rush concert prague is number one and that I am from Nashville: country. I love America music! Ozzy Osborne, I love. I am rock and roll, love.

This is pretty much all I could grasp for a long time, then he invited me home. He said something to the effect of getting me girls (or me getting him girls, maybe) and that he wished I could go to his home, where his friends speak good english and am rock and roll, too.

Of course, it doesn't take that long to write, or to read, but to figure all this out took me an excrutiating hour and a half. Finally, I think when he wasn't looking, I paid the bill and we split. The bill was a bit higher than usual (twice as much) because we had thought it a nice idea to get these other guys each some Johnny Walker. Of course, the gentleman I was speaking to quickly informed me "Johnny Walker is shit! Like Scorpions" then he spit on the ground.

Anyway, last night was a long one, but tomorrow I have the day off to study the hell out of Czech, which is terrifically hard. Despite the fact that I know only ten words or so, the guy at the bar embraced myself and my roommate and told us we were "Czech boys! Good Czech boys!"

So this is one good czech boy signing off for the evening.


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