Sunday, October 03, 2004

damned internet

There have been several times over the past few days when I've wanted to post a new entry. Indeed, there have been times when I've actually gotten as far as the website and started typing them. Every time I do so, however, I suddenly am informed that my system will shut down and I will be forced to delay my posting to another time.

It's positively inexplicable.

So here I am making an effort to sum up all the things I would've said over the course of the posts I haven't made.

First of all, I have to mention my first solo class here. I've been to two other classes, but each time they were filled with other international students. So the first solo class was British Social History since 1707. It seems like it's going to be a pretty solid class, but then at the end, we watch Black Adder. For those of you who don't know, Black Adder is Rowan Atkinson's pre-Mr. Bean absurd british comedy show. So essentially we spent twenty minutes of a history class watch Mr. Bean insult Samuel Johnson.

My next class is an Introduction to Irish History and Culture. In that one, I'm the only male, and it's going to be a-okay. You may have noticed something odd about my classes. Let me give you the full list as it stands now so you can make a better judgement:

Czech for foreigners
The Age of Story
American Independent Filmmaking
Czech Cinema
Eastern European Cinema
English Social history
Irish History and Culture

Perhaps you'll notice that the history classes are in no way eastern european (one reason I came over here) and the film classes are all commentary and criticism rather than any hands on work (the other reason I came over here). A little frustrating.

One of the posts I started to create was a thank you letter to McDonald's. Now, of course, the feeling is gone, so it would be ridiculous to try and recreate the letter I had planned on Friday. Basically the idea was to thank the corporation for being consistant (though perhaps consistently awful) worldwide. I, for the first time on friday, went into a mcdonald's here and it was awesome. Not the food, of course, that was only slightly better than the mcdonald's food here. The awesomeness was in knowing what I was ordering and getting it with almost none of the struggle that goes with getting anything done in this land where English is strange.

Oddly enough, as it seems to have become a theme with me this weekend, yesterday I ate at little ceasars. I, too, was embarassed that of all the pizza chains in the US that is the one that has expanded here. And, in true little ceasars fashion, it was awful.

Where I found the little caesars was on the bottom level of Tesco. I suppose I should properly write it TESCO, because it's freaking enormous. It was compared to a wal mart when described to me, but it's almost more it's own mall. Truly a department store, with massive sprawling departments including cloth by the yard, strollers, hats, watches, and anything else you could want. I nearly invested in a heavy coat, a hat, and some gloves, but it's not really cold enough yet to even wear the coat I brought.

So that's pretty much it. I'm going to try and post this thing and just you know, keep truckin'.

MUSIC: hum: the inuit promise
(possibly the best song recorded ever)

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