Wednesday, September 29, 2004

o, the cursed foreignness of it all

woe is me.

I know it's frankly a little obsessive at this point that I'm in this beautiful foreign country and all I do is bitch about my computer, but I have a terribly one-track mind. And I make these feeble little stabs at progress that only frustrate me the more once I realize just how little they've helped me.

So I got my computer to work again. Joy!

for a moment.

Then it wouldn't fully start up, so I found a way around that.

Then I found this flyer with a web address and something about Internetum Registrary or something, so I went to the lab (read here) and went to take care of what I thought was a routine registration.

Perhaps it is a routine registration.


because it's all in czech and so I curse the foreignness of the land around me.

MUSIC: radiohead: lucky

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