Friday, May 09, 2008

9 May 2008

"Back of the net."


Speed Racer: "Kudos to production designer the Marquis de Sade, and to script-doctor Chim-Chim." -Gregory Weinkauf. Not original

What Happens In Vegas: Does not stay in Vegas, in fact, and takes place largely in New York. Also what happens in Vegas is terrible ideas for movies are drunkenly hatched. Despite the fact that the premise of this film seems to be based on an ad campaign I guess it's grudgingly Original


The Babysitters: The early front runner for the film most likely to have creepy old men filing lawsuits for intellectual property theft. Original

Battle for Haditha: It's hard to tell if this is a fictional film set during the event or essentially a retelling so I'm gonna go Not Original

Before the Rains: But after the original movie, Asphalt Zahov. Not original

Bloodline: The rule on documentaries is that they count as original, but a documentary of a guy trying to explore The Da Vinci Code is getting the Not original

Frontier(s): Neonazis! Original

The Memory Thief: Nazis! Original

Monster Camp: It's like summer camp if, instead of basket weaving and hiking, campers pretended they were orcs and wizards. Oh, and all the campers are adult fantasy enthusiasts. Original

Noise: Tim Robbins is being driven crazy by the constant noise in New York, so instead of considering a move or maybe some soundproofing, he becomes batman. Original

Refusenik: Commies! Original

Surfwise: Documentary about a rejected sequel to Lord of the Rings in which Sam leads a gnarly surfboard invasion to the undying lands. No? Damn. Original

The Tracey Fragments: "There are only rare scenes in which there are less then 3 fragments to be seen on screen." Sounds unpleasant and pretentious, but I've been wrong before. Not original

Turn the River: Is about a poolshark, but I bet there's some Texas Hold 'em in there, too. Original

Vice: Stars most of the cast of Kill Bill. That is all I know. Original

the score:

week: 10-5
year: 117-54


week: 1-1
year: 31-27


Plaid Avenger said...

Ok, all your snarky plot descriptions aside, half of these movies don't actually exist. I just don't believe it.

the proprietor... said...

They all meet the criteria, I'm afraid. Unfortunately many of them aren't as awesome as my summaries make them sound. I'm looking at you, Surfwise!

Plaid Avenger said...

I wanted to believe you with Surfwise. In a very deep place would my joy have leapt from.