Friday, May 02, 2008

2 May 2008

"you're gonna set my country music award on fire?"


Iron Man: Not original

Made of Honor: The preview for this movie had more than two pratfalls in 30 seconds. I'm just saying... Original


Fugitive Pieces: Not original

Graduation: Not a Graduate prequel. Original

Hollywood Chinese: Original

Mister Lonely: Harmony Korine Strikes Back! Original

Redbelt: David Mamet and ultimate fighting sounds like a winning combination, right? (...) Original

Son of Rambow: Almost certainly better than any other Rambo related film. Not original

Viva: Original

The War on Democracy: Original

XXY: Not original

the score:

week: 7-4
year: 107-49


week: 1-1
year: 30-26

note: that whole thing about having energy turned out to be false.

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Plaid Avenger said...

Not to be weird, but it's early, and wouldn't Graduation be a Graduate prequel? Oh wait. Wow. You said that, but I don't have my glasses on, and I read 'sequel'

Hey, for some reason, my finger id inextricably bound towards the post button