Friday, February 08, 2008

8 February 2008

"we are powerful despite our injuries."


Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins: James Earl Jones hasn't appeared in a theatrical release in almost eight years. His presence is not indicative, at this point, of quality. Not terribly, but officially original.

Fools Gold: There was a line in another movie with Matthew McConaughey and Donald Sutherland that seems appropriate here. It starts with "yes," and ends with "hell!" Original.

Wild West Comedy Show: 30 Days & 30 Nights - Hollywood to the Heartland: According to previews, a portion of this film is a reenactment of Swingers, which makes this movie about as original as every party I went to in my first two years of college. Like the other wide release concert-type film this year, this movie has a title that is frankly ridiculous. Nominally original.


The Hottie and the Nottie: Starring Paris Hilton. Tagline: "That's Hot. That's Not." goddammit. Cliche and shitty. Original

A Walk to Beautiful: Documentary about Ethiopian women injured in childbirth. Original.

In Brughes: I can find no link between the writer-director and Guy Ritchie. This surprises me. Original.

How to Rob a Bank: The guy from Terminator 3 and the Swimfan costar. Also, the main character is named "Jinx" Taylor (and he is not a cat). A quick peek at rottentomatoes will reveal it to be terrible. Original.

Spiral: Telemarketing. Original.

The Score:

week: 8-0
year: 33-9


week: 3-0
year: 11-7

This is the first all original week. I find this hard to believe. If anyone catches wind of some of these being secret tricksy remakes like Mad Money let me know.

Also, this might be the worst week of releases I've seen this year. The highlight is Vince Vaughn using his name to get some B-list comedian friends some attention. Any promise of the limited releases is mitigated by a Paris Hilton vehicle and the presence of Erika Christensen.

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