Sunday, March 18, 2007

Spring, like a kitten with attention deficit disorder,

has sprung and then gotten distracted by something that flicked around more and run off. The Ohio River Valley has invested in a sizable piece of string and thinks that spring will be lured back again later this week.

Striking a careful balance between usefulness and enjoyment, I have been running about the area exploring. Though not without it's pleasure (who'd have guessed mexican food in muncie would be a pleasure?), the motivation here is to milk the region so that the likelihood of feeling the least bit guilty for running away in a few months will be decreased.

Speaking of fleeing, some of the attempted usefulness lately has been an effort to find work. The criteria are as follows: work that pays all right that I'm qualified for and that is close to some people I dig. The search has been largely confined to DC, Atlanta, and Asheville. The search has so far been fruitless. Anyone who spots something locally that fits the 'qualified and pays all right' criteria should let me know. The odds of it meeting the other criterion are pretty well assured since, if you're reading this, the position will probably be close to you.

See how that works?

North of Cincinnati, about halfway between here and Dayton, is this thing.

Known locally as "touchdown jesus," this is probably the best whatever it is ever. I think that, by having arms, it cannot be called a 'bust,' technically. I will call it the most stunning example of 1/3-body statuary of the messiah to be found, at the very least, in the greater cincinnati area.

More to the north is Dayton. It's one of those places that we've all heard of but none of us really knows why. Well, having been through town, I can't tell you why. There is a small and pretentious region called "Oregon" that boasts artsy shops and record stores to draw in college kids and tourists yet inexplicably contains some kind of adult shop (videos, novelties, risque garments) on each and every block. Outside oregon, Dayton seems to be pretty well an industrial and suburban wasteland. Also, the Dayton Newspaper's offices are located approximately 21 miles south of town.

This was also in Dayton. Your guess is as good as mine.

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