Monday, February 12, 2007



There's some killer ohio ice storm coming (by the way, ohio... if you're still trying to win my heart, ice storms are the wrong sort of winter weather with which to do it), so that may have been it for work at the office for the next day or two.

That may also be it for electricity for the next day or two, so I have tried to get my idiotic website reading intake up this evening. As a result, I managed to stumble across the something awful notes on "trapped in the closet" only a little too late. The glossary notes under chapter three made me grin like an idiot and made all the secretaries give me weird looks and probably assume I was deranged or in love.

More 'a' than 'b.'

But if you don't chuckle at the definition of "Y'all ass is crazy" then I'm afraid that we can never hang out again. ever.

also, go watch this and tell me that you're not a little upset that you didn't go see it in the theater. I know I am.

Bring on the snow but keep the ice.

MUSIC: madvillain: rhinestone cowboy

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