Friday, December 01, 2006

today was apocalypse weather...

...and so the weekend begins.

Cincinnati was utterly friendly when first I made her my home. She had sunshine and unseasonably warm temperature and I didn't hurt for the fact that I had no coat.

Today started 60 degrees and cloudy and windy and ominous. The clouds whipped across the sky like the future in Terminator 2 and it looked dangerous and the leaves could not sit still.

I sat down at my desk and stowed my apple and got coffee and worked. I wrote questions about Asia and the Middle East between 1300 and 1800 for hours. I ate my apple. I reminisced about how poorly my first lasagna in the new place turned out. I started planning the new World War II maps. I had more coffee. I dug through the trash at one point (don't ask).

Outside my window the sky got darker and darker and by noon some sort of cruel almost-snow was tumbling from the sky. The temperature dropped 10 degrees an hour for those first 3 hours I was at work. The windows of the office fogged up as though everyone inside was up to something inappropriate.

Now I am thrilled that my father saw fit to get me a coat over thanksgiving.

A train on the B and O railroad held up my commute home by a bit. Today was the first day of December and the first day I've been paid for my labor.

I will eat more of my subpar lasagna.

MUSIC: regina spektor: december

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