Thursday, September 07, 2006

The moon is allegedly full...

...but it's all a waste on this whole region. Somewhere behind the light pollution and thick, thick clouds, the summer's last full moon is hiding.

I could not find it.

I did find what I had initially imagined to be the bent knees of a napping, plastic-pantsed giant. On further consideration it proved to resemble a pair of oversized gravestones, possibly for novelty purposes or serious, serious mourning.

I also found an odd sense of nostalgia walking by my old high school and recalling, years before I actually attended, how it felt to walk around what I now laughingly call 'the campus.' I remember the awe of separate buildings and the majesty and tranquility of a little gravel footpath around behind the gym. I remember more recently and, I fear, more accurately, how that path was actually as close to a skid row or hell's kitchen as rural North Carolina high school's get.

I also found a strong and growing desire for an excuse to wear one of my shiny new suits.

MUSIC: badly drawn boy: easy love

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