Saturday, October 14, 2006

Do not trust street signs.

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Despite what they may tell you, zombies are not, in fact, down. They are carrying the sign in a surprising display of tact considering how undead they are.

As the sun was starting to go down in asheville, dozens of these clever zombies made their way out from the Montford Park graveyard and made their way through downtown Asheville. Among them were at least two who inexplicably supported Charles Taylor (R. NC), possibly in a confused effort to weed out brainless people based on their political affiliations.

Luckily, the hearty immune systems of Jef Johnson and Peter Lorenz proved too much for the zombitude to fully conquer, and it seems that after some beer and vegetarian pizza and lots of french fries, the two young men got over their 'bout of the deads.'

Incidentally, Jef seems convinced that when he gets his film developed he will have far more and far better pictures of the carnage that ensued.


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