Thursday, May 25, 2006

In lieu of actually getting anything worthwhile done... working on my script, I'm looking at things to try to work into my script that happened on July 24th aside from the near-simultaneous birth of myself and Anna Paquin. After spending a solid hour deciding what the plot of Lost actual is with my stepbrother (hint: dirty hippies) it actually seems close enough to a constructive use of my time that I can probably go to bed.

July 24th:
-Death of Peter Sellers
-Feast day for Christina the Astonishing, patron saint of insanity and mental disorders
-Vanuatu children's day
-Martin Van Buren's death
-Birth of Alexander Dumas, Alfons Mucha, and Gus Van Sant
-first successful treatment with insulin

Last night, as if in communion with Andrew Malcovsky on the eve of his voyage, I decided that half a gallon of Chianti wasn't that much. Perhaps some of my lethargy today is the fault of this decision.

MUSIC: joan of arc: excitement is exciting

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