Tuesday, January 17, 2006

"True, I'd give my right arm...

...to keep you safe from harm, and true, for you I'd move to Ecuador. And I'd keep my little farm, chop wood to keep you warm..."

The lyrics are magnetic fields because they are so rad... the picture is indicative of my desired state. Which is to say that sleep is mad elusive, yo.

But I'm not dead, and thanks to a package from Ben Cronin I got over the weekend and some prodding from other sources, I decided it's high time I let everyone know I live.

I'm in a screenwriting course at long last, and that brings me up to 18 hours this semester plus work for the monster bookstore that is barnes and noble.

"song for myla goldberg" by the decemberists is about Bee Season.

I got a four track for christmas.

I have a mix tape from Mr. Cronin and I have discovered I no longer own a tape deck. remedy is being sought.

Anansi Boys is not as good as American Gods.

The office on DVD is totally rad.

EDIT - go here

MUSIC: the magnetic fields: I don't really love you anymore

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