Monday, November 08, 2004

Which homestar runner character am I?

Which Homestar Runner character are you?

this quiz was made by jurjyfrort

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Peter the Orange said...

Are you telling me and the rest of the world that you where asked by a complete stranger if you knew there whereabouts a game of geographicly dubious cardstock-world domination and then promptly ran away? If only you could trn back time and have said: "why of course my good man. Right this way." Then lead him outside and find out what 14 year old he was working for. Or perhaps a better solution would have been to dramaticly shatter a bottle on the bar and say "No, but yer mum does Chappo!" Both of these would have been good was to wrap up such a weird situation with random dudes pandering to your apparent yankeeism.
And who ever told you Bush was re-elected was lieing. Matt Groeing is presedent now and most of the new agenda is loosely Pretzel based. there are also new laws involving what you are allowed to discuss in showers and how much of it can be related to pandas is anyones guess. Honest jack.